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Phoebe Killdeer began her musical career at age 20 upon her return to London from Africa where she was exposed to Hip Hop during her travels in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Her first major appearance was in 2003 as a guest voice on the Basement Jaxx - album “Kish Kash”. Phoebe worked as a live sound engineer for about

7 years, she developed quite a skill for it but ends up giving it up to follow a singing career first with 'Nouvelle Vague', with whom she toured from 2005 to 2007 and then went on to form her solo project with ‘The Short Straws’ releasing 2 albums: Weather’s coming… 2007, Innerquake 2011. Phoebe reached success in 2014 with a remix by The Avener of 'The Fade Out Line' , a song she co-wrote with Craig Walker whilst with her former band.

In early 2016, Phoebe released a first album with Ole Wulfers under the band name 'Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift' and is currently working on its sequel for a release in 2023. Between 2014 and 2018, Ole and Phoebe also jointly composed music for 3 dance performances for the company Laborgras in Berlin.

A new project with Melanie Pain called 'Kill The Pain' is also due to be released in 2023, with a 1st single 'I do what I do' released on Oct 12th 2021. 

Phoebe has always been drawn to the relation of sound and movement and the exploration of emotions through sound scapes. ‘The pleasure is in the discovery of the bending of something you never thought could bend in a particular way’.

photo : Mirjam Dumont

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