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the shift

The Shift is a collaboration between Phoebe Killdeer & Ole Wulfers.


The Shift’s use of sonic space dips you momentarily in a parallel dream filled with familiarity and warmth. Storytelling through experimental gestures and abstract instrumentation, brushing diverse genres without the need to categorize. Its a subtle image reflecting a sound of humanity. Some songs are heard, others perceived, others are like images or moments frozen in time. they seem to  sketch and carve away at the sonic vibrations all around. The end result comes across more as a film soundtrack than an album. 

Ole Wulfers has been involved in numerous performances all over the world, in music and also art installations. As a band member of Party Diktator he did a Peel session at bbc london. Beginning of this century he founded Kapaikos electric mandolin orchestra with mandolins inherited of his grandmother Mimi. Ole also builds his own music instruments. he worked in collaboration with experimental electronics helsinki and cirkuljia Ljubljana where he investigated the correlation between fluid dynamics and sounds of stressed materials. He builds and develops mechanisms to explore the varying ways to approach sound.

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photo : Michael Jungblut

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